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MNS-F low-voltage drawout switchgear has the following obvious characteristics:

lCompact design: Contain several functional units with small space. The structural components have strong generality and flexible assembly. Based on the modulus of E=25mm, the structure and drawout unit can be combined at random to meet the requirements of the system design.

lThe bus is protected by the plastic functional plate with high intensity flame retardant and high insulation intensity, having the anti-failure arc performance to make the operation and maintenance safe and reliable.
lVarious mechanical interlocking mechanisms with the size of drawer comply with the provisions of the standard, with three obvious positions including connection, test and disconnection, which is safe and reliable.
lThe high intensity flame retardant engineering plastics are used, effectively strengthening the protective safety performance.
lThe cabinet can select the corresponding protection grade according to different requirements of the operating environment.
lThe equipment has high continuity and reliability.